Agricultural Research Service Scientists Forum

Agricultural Research Service Scientists Forum


From President’s Desk
Dr. S. Manivannan,
Dear colleagues

I am thankful to all of you for electing me as President of Agricultural Research Scientists Service Forum (ARSSF) and the team of CEC for the tenure 2019-2022. The aim of the ARSSF forum is to develop a culture and outlook which could become the tradition of the Agricultural Scientific community, advance agricultural research in the country, facilitate scientists’ participation in formulation and execution of agricultural research policy in the country and protect the interests and look after the welfare of the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Scientists in order to bring about excellence and relevance in the purpose of their mission. In recent past, the ARSSF achieved and solved many issues pertaining to scientific community of ICAR and I wish to highlight few of the achievements here.

  1. Implementation of 7th CPC recommendations and disbursement of arrears.
  2. ASRB was restructured with reduced duration and as independent body under DARE.
  3. Revision of scientific cadre in ICAR
  4. A positive and objective oriented score card for CAS and direct recruitment.
  5. Conversion of large number of senior scientist positions to scientist position to facilitate entry of more number of young minds in ARS system.
  6. No extension on tenurial posts to give opportunity to new energetic minds to occupy RMP positions.
  7. Online transfer portal for transparent scientists transfer.


We are continuing to work hard to achieve the following issues.

  • Five day a week system in ICAR institutes.
  • Implementation of Phd increments for incumbent scientists
  • Recruitment of all RMPs and Semi RMPs
  • Creating better ecosystem for research and development for the young scientists.
  • Enhancement of the dignity of ARS Scientists and Best  working ambience for ARS scientists
  • Transparency in recruitment and mid evaluation for RMPs
  • Direct Posting of scientists in regional centres thorough online portal
  • Special Cell for NEH and Island and  restoring the marks for remote areas
  • 10% of the existing Principal Scientists to be placed in next higher scale
  • CGHS Medical facilities and cashless medical scheme
  • Minimum eligibility for RMP as five years prior service at ICAR
  • Telephone and internet allowances for scientist
  • Publication cost for the articles for scientists
  • Maintaining ARS cadre separately / Zero tolerance to conversion of technical to scientists
  • Changing ICAR Society Status like other research organizations
  • Enhancement in the age of superannuation from 62 years to 65 years as has been done in CAUs and many SAUs.

We solicit your support and positive action to achieve these goals. It is the high time for creating better fraternity feelings and respect amongst the scientists of ICAR. We must work hard to meet the aspirations of the nation by maintaining the high standard of moral and ethics in all aspects to make ICAR one of the best organizations of research, teaching and extension in the globe.

I thank all of you for supporting CEC in all aspects and request to continue the same in nearby future.

General Secretary’s Message

Dr. N.V. Kumbhare
General Secretary

Agricultural Research Service Scientists’ Forum (ARSSF) is registered under societies act XXI of 1860 at Shillong (Meghalaya) on 12th August 1980 with the head office at New Delhi. The ARSSF was recognized formally by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) on 22nd November 1995. Today the forum is grown with about 4000 ICAR scientists as life members from all over the country. I am pleased to announce that sizable number of young ARS scientists joined ARSSF in recent past, which is major strength of forum. The forum had addressed many issues pertaining to the welfare of ARS Scientists in the past including revision of score card for direct recruitment, review of scientific cadre, introduction of online transfer policy, restructuring of ASRB, and implementation the seventh pay commission recommendations based on the UGC pay and packages. The ARSSF is very keen to protect the interests and look after the welfare of ARS Scientists. The present CEC is very keen to implement five working days in all ICAR institutes, incentives for higher educational qualifications- anomalies in 7th CPC, enhancement of the dignity of ARS Scientists, and CGHS Medical facilities and cashless medical scheme. Necessary attempts are being made to rectify the anomalies in promotional and recruitment policies of ASRB and various issues are being represented time to time. The ARSSF is expecting from each member to strive to develop the feeling of fraternity and mutual trust among the community of ARS Scientists. I request to all the scientists to support the principles of forum and to work for the welfare of ICAR Scientists for the advancement of agricultural science. I seek all your kind support to accomplish the aims and objectives of the FORUM and to promote the advance agricultural research in the country.

Dr. N.V. Kumbhare

General Secretary, ARSSF